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Pros and Cons of Synthetic Ice

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By Ed Mendenhall for

This is a quick primer if you are just starting your search on synthetic ice reviews. Here’s a quick list for learning more about synthetic ice pros and cons. Watch these videos to see how synthetic ice is installed and how it performs:

Advantages of Synthetic ice

  • Rinks can be any size
  • Use inside and outside
  • Rinks can be set up virtually anywhere, basements, garages, back yards, auditoriums, malls, parking lots, etc
  • Rinks are portable, they can be set up and taken down or moved in minutes
  • Rinks can be used all year round in any climate.
  • Never melts
  • Skate anytime without restriction or wait.
  • Much less maintenance than real ice
  • No expensive refrigeration
    No expensive ice resurfacing equipment
    No expensive ice rental fees
  • ?Synthetic ice with it’s slightly greater friction will improve skaters performance on real ice.

Disadvantages of Synthetic Ice

  • More friction than real ice.
  • Can’t duplicate feel of real ice 100%.
  • Varying degrees of white powder residue produced.
  • ?Long term safety of airborne powder residue
Comments (1)

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